To whom it may Concern ...

I've been fortunate enough to travel the world and purchase products and objects I absolutely needed to obtain. I've safely packed up all those amazing objects into my carry on and delivered them back to my humble abode wrapped warm with all tags intact . Quickly showing my wife how happy I was to have obtained this special objects highlighting my experience and celebrating my lack of financial priorities.
Unfortunately over time, these highly demanded items have sat and collected dust in the corner of my closet while somehow continuing to rise in value. Although extremely difficult , I've now taken the time to gather all those very special moments, photograph them on a white background from my iphone , uploaded to instagram, and am now prepared to release them to their new owners either in brand new or lightly used condition. 
Certified Pre Worn is not only an online store filled with wonderful objects and items we all love, but a way of life. Why sell something you've lost touch with at a sky rocketed price point when you can offer at a lower price and in a way give back to the community you've grown to love and admire ?
These items aren't about me. They're about you.
Now go enjoy them or sell them and make some profit.
Enjoy my friends ..